Timeline and Roadmap for Considering the Confessions

Our previously published roadmap found in May, 2016's "Considering the Confessions" booklet is supersceded by the following.

April–July, 2017: Presbytery Theology Task Forces to engage with materials available here, and create or adopt overtures. Many are already available here. Presbyteries begin to vote on overtures.

June–September, 2017: Presbyteries vote on overtures presented by Presbytery Theology Task Forces, or second overtures already proposed by other Presbyteries.
Cooperation is essential. For a motion to come to the floor of Synod in January, 2018, two Presbyteries must support it.

September 27, 2017: Final day for new overtures to be advanced by a presbytery for others to consider concurrence.

October 27, 2017: Final day for overtures or motions to be concurred and advanced to Synod (90 days before).

January 23–25, 2018: Synod and vote.

February–August, 2018: Presbyteries to vote to ratify the Synod vote.