Constitutional Status of ECO Confessional Standards

EC-1 from Synod Business Meeting 2018

"Resolved #1, That the appropriate interpretation of the ECO Polity section 6.01 is that ECO Constitution consists only of the documents specified in that section, namely the Essential Tenets, the Polity and the Rules of Discipline." The Confessional Standards of ECO "are referenced in the Essential Tenets and Polity but are themselves not part of the ECO Constitution".


"Resolved #4, That any change to the reference to the [Confessional Standards] in the Essential Tenets to a revised ECO specific confessional standard represents a change to the Essential Tenets and will require adherence to the amendment process in section 6.02 of the ECO Polity".

"Resolved #5, That the following special rule of order be adopted concerning the adoption of any amendment to the text of any ECO confession referenced in the ECO Essential Tenets:

Any presbytery or the Synod Executive Council may overture the Synod of ECO for changes to the text of an ECO confession. For overtures originating with a presbytery, at least one additional presbytery must concur with the proposed overture. Any amendment to the text of an ECO confession shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting members of the Synod present and voting. In addition, the affirmative vote of each presbytery for such amendment shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting members of such presbytery present and voting. The ratification by the presbyteries must occur prior to the first day of the next calendar year following the close of the Synod meeting during which the initial vote occurred unless an alternative time period is approved by the Synod.