Synod Confessional Decisions

The Synod Business Meeting 2018 of ECO was very successful and we are very thankful for all who worked tirelessly to make it so. The following points summarize the major confessional votes. Remember that the following need to be ratified by the presbyteries before they are official:

  • The confessions will not be considered as constitutional. However, the constitution through the Essential Tenets will be amended to specifically name the documents the Synod voted upon.
  • The collection will be called Confessional Standards as opposed to the former Book of Confessions.
  • The following documents were voted in the affirmative (required 2/3 majority):
  1. Apostles’ Creed
  2. Nicene Creed
  3. Heidelberg Catechism
  4. Westminster Confession
  5. Westminster Shorter Catechism
  6. Westminster Larger Catechism
  7. Theological Declaration of Barmen
  • These documents will be stripped of all commentary, footnotes, and left in their original language. In the case of the WCF, we will retain both columns found in the PCUSA Book of Confessions, until 2020 when the Theology Task Force will recommend modernized versions and add ECO specific commentary.
  • The following have been excluded:
  1. Scots Confession
  2. 2nd Helvetic Confession
  3. Confession of 1967
  4. Brief Statement of Faith
  • Texas’ resolution #9 passed, which refers all the other overtures sent from other presbyteries to the Synod Executive Council and the Theology Task Force for consideration to be brought before Synod in 2020. There was a strong desire for new confessional material both in other overtures and from the floor. So, the list given above will be treated as a starting point for further work, rather than a conclusion to the matter.