TTF Hires Rev. Dr. G.P. Wagenfuhr as Resource Coordinator

The national TTF of ECO has voted to hire Rev. Dr. G.P. Wagenfuhr as its part–time Resource Coordinator for a period of one year to facilitate the work of the TTF, especially in serving the denomination as it engages in the "Considering the Confessions" project.

G.P. Wagenfuhr has been an active member of the TTF for two years, acting as the project editor for the "Considering the Confessions" booklet the TTF has produced. In that document he wrote the introduction to the Westminster Standards, the Theological Declaration of Barmen, and the Brief Statement of Faith, as well as producing the chart detailing the support of the Essential Tenets in each Confession.

He is the creator of this website and will provide an active presence to facilitate conversations, and address questions that may arise during this important project.