End of time to advance new proposals

We have now reached the point at which no further overtures can either be advanced or seconded. Here’s how things stand currently:

• We have five overtures that will be advanced to Synod

• Texas’ overture has received concurrence from four other presbyteries, indicating support from five total. All others are advanced by two presbyteries.

    Texas’ overture is mostly procedural, the other overtures are more concerned with theological content

• Overtures from Mission and Mid–America Presbyteries have not received a concurring vote, and so will not be considered at Synod.

• The national TTF has met with the Synod Executive Council and a clearer portrait of the voting procedure has emerged. Look for an information packet from the Executive office and our theological supplement.

• Our forthcoming informational packet will contain answers to many FAQ’s.

• Please take some time to review the overtures and rationales for affirming or dropping specific confessions (especially Barmen, Scots, and Second Helvetic).