A Letter from the Theology Coordinator

Dear Followers of Jesus in ECO,

2019 is an exciting year for ECO as we adopt new theological structures for a maturing denomination. We now have two teams: the Standing Theology Committee (STC) and the Theology Task Force for the formation of a New Theological Document (TTF-NTD). The STC is our general and nimble group who provide theological advisement for ECO at the direction of the Synod Executive Council (SEC), the elected leadership of ECO.

The TTF-NTD is organized for the specific task of discerning and developing new theological document(s) for the guidance of ECO.

Who am I?

I was ordained into ECO in 2014 and was Transitional Pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Cañon City, CO for three years. As this church moved to closure we launched two new organizations: a conservancy to care for its historical building, and a church plant. I am now a church planter working on a pilot project that seeks to reunite seminary and the local church in Cañon City, CO. I love writing books and am the author of Unfortunate Words of the Bible: A Biblical Theology of Misunderstandings (Cascade, 2019). I’m excited that it’s a book with unicorns that practically teaches the theology of the Bible in bite-sizes. I also write deeper books about modern issues, like economics and God’s creation: Plundering Egypt: A Subversive Christian Ethic of Economy (Cascade, 2016), and Plundering Eden: A Subversive Theology of Creation (Cascade, forthcoming). My wife, Ainhoa Prieto Wagenfuhr is deeply involved in ministry to the poor and vulnerable.