How to make an overture

  • First look at overtures and proposals that have already been presented and see whether or not your presbytery would be willing to second an already confirmed overture.
  • If none exist that approximate your thinking, then proceed. 
  • Overtures should avoid being overly detailed. The more detailed an overture is, the harder it will be to create consensus.
  • It is suggested that you include a motion to commission a task force to handle the details and minutiae of the new Confessional Standards.
  • Overtures must be formatted according to Robert's Rules of Order.



  1. Q: What is the process going to look like in January at the Synod Meeting?
    A: ECO Polity requires that we vote yes or no upon each proposed motion.
  2. Q: Won't this be very arduous and take a long time?
    A: Perhaps. This is why we ask that overtures be brief, broad, and commission a task force or committee to work out the details so that we do not get bogged down in details on the floor of Synod. Also, it would be preferable if a number of presbyteries concurred prior to Synod, 2018.
  3. Q: What is the due date for new proposals and overtures?
    A: Mid–Summer 2017. If you are aiming to introduce a new overture you should contact the Resource Coordinator to talk about match–making possibilities. Presbyteries must vote by late October, 2017 and so new proposals cannot really be introduced without the opportunity for concurrence.
  4. Q: What if my Presbytery does not have a theology task force set up?
    A: Your Presbytery may still provide concurrence. Moderators may add discussion of the preexisting overtures to their agendas, and vote to concur. This can occur as late as October, 2017